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Gamis coklat kekinian

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Rp75,000 Rp128,000

  • Insert a SIM, memory card.
  • Connect Bluetooth to your phone to listen.
  • Support memory card up to 8GB.

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Product Description

Smart watch A1 is designed to be light and compact with a youthful, luxurious and unique design that suits each person’s style and personality. The strap is made of high-quality silicon so it is quite light and absolutely no need to create marks on the hand when used for a long time but very smooth and flexible when spinning on the wrist.

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5 reviews for Gamis coklat kekinian

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  2. Abril Copeland

    Quite satisfied with the product

  3. Scarlett Rivas

    Completely satisfied with the product quality

  4. Boston Hayden

    Completely satisfied with the product quality

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